Patio Buendia

Celebrate Life’s Priceless Moments with Patio Buendia, Your Ultimate Place for Relaxation!


Patio Buendia

PATIO BUENDIA Farm-Resort and Events Place; which can be reached approximately from a distance of 60 kms. away from manila or 1 1/2 hours drive. A pristine 1.5-acre natural paradise located on Cavite’s spectacular, is a testament to holistic getaway where guests and balikbayans embrace nature’s splendour built for a purpose of family vacation farm which was open to public in 2014 due to public demand based on experiential evaluation of the place. Businessmen Buendia couple was inspired by their farmer parents to live in farm spirit wasthen the root of Patio Buendia.

Nestled in Amadeo, a town nearby  Philippine’s so called “little Baguio” – Tagaytay; a ZEN-TYPE inspired  farm-resort features a necklace of stunning  modern Zen  Architecture Style, Submersible interchanging led light in the swimming pool, beautifully landscaped surrounding areas, highly styled cottages, cabanas,  gazebos and villa.29 Our place is all delighted with the relaxing and beautiful ambiance coupled with some giant figurines (Gorillas, monkey, dog) for picture taking that counts on your unforgettable visit.

Our farm is highlighted with fruit bearing trees planted in a landscaped garden design that emphasizes the production of distinct dragon fruit and variety of farm animals roaming around the farm pen.  Guest will surely love and enjoy the distinguished combination of modern tropical getaway, ancient living, and the family-like personnel. Relaxing experience and breath-taking views are only part of the allure of Patio Buendia.

There is an inherent richness here – a filipino culture and heritage that have been present for centuries and preserved for generations to come with our facilities and services.  There is a sense of place that captures the soul and inspires guests to return again and again. Environmental stewardship has and will continue to be a guiding principle of this one-of-a-kind farm-resort community.


PATIO BUENDIA FARM-RESORT and EVENTS PLACE; a conjures up thoughts of a tropical paradise, nestled on modern ZEN-TYPE Farm-Resort ideal venue for ultimate celebrations like; Wedding, Debut, Company Outing and Team-Building, Seminars and Product-Update, General Assembly and Family Outing. With the scent of fresh fruits groves in the air & the sounds of the farm animals against the wind breeze.

Long sun-drenched days & tranquil evenings spent with a Pina Colada or a cold beer all help to create your dream of a relaxing get-away. Patio Buendia, may not be on the shores but with our sophisticated pool and the water splashing over the edge of our pool bar , gazebo and lying bench, & luxury furniture all add up to a relaxing experience, whether it’s sunbathing or just enjoying the outdoors & watching your family enjoy the delightful pool. Have fun with us!


Patio Buendia offers variety of accommodation in rustic, yet quaint; 3 bedrooms Villa (Villa Avelina), cabanas (Cabana De Victoria / Cabana De Lucia) and open gazebo (Tomas Abierto Gazebo) for day tours located at the unique landscaped surroundings with an entrance pointing into the pool area. Our accommodations are ideal for individuals or groups planning to spend quality time at Farm spirit living. With our relaxing and unique amenities, guests will surely enjoy the beauty of a modern farm living to savour a more adventurous heart of summer and throughout the year. We have aimed to make our accommodation extremely reasonable value for the country loving holiday maker. Fully air-conditioned rooms, windows in all directions, and discrete lighting for all needs. Furnished with clean bed and foam mattress, and decorated by unique decoration creating a more relaxing ambiance.


PABLO GRAND PAVILLION is a luxurious and modern Zen-Type Grand Pavilion ideal for varied events celebrating price-less moments such as; Wedding, Debut, Company Outing, Seminars and Team-Building, Product Update, General Assembly. The place has been architecturally designed and purpose built with sophistication, space and exclusive use in mind. Situated alongside the picturesque entrance of Patio Buendia within a peaceful bush setting; surrounded with glass enclosure transparently overlooking at the beautiful landscape, pool and cabanas that Hepburn tropical climate has become famous for. Luxuriate with sophisticated reception area and indulged with world-class accents of chandelier and ornaments. Alternatively, enjoy the sunset while celebrating moments whilst quietly observing the native garden, and abundant bird and wildlife.